Hello, my name is Cam. I'm an eleventh grader at Runey High. I hope we can get along from now on.



"I haven’t had the heart to cook," Which was probably the weirdest thing. No matter what, rain or shine, Skye loved to cook. Every single day. He’d even wake up early to do! Curry was his favorite too.

"The last time I cooked it was with you when I was teach you," the senior pushed around a grain of rice in the yellow sauce, "Hopefully I’ll get out of this funk cuz the food here sucks…"

Cam couldn’t hide his surprise when Skye confessed his reason. He thought that Skye loved cooking and spent all his time doing it! Perhaps he was in a slump?

"Hmm… maybe you just haven’t found any recipes that you’re interested in making," suggested Cam. "Sometimes I need to take care of a different flower than I normally do when I feel bored taking care of a certain kind of flower. If you want, we can look in a recipe book and see if there’s anything you want to make?"



A worker huh? Well, she’d have to remember to milk that as much as she could. Cafe bills could rack up over time and really hurt the girl’s wallet.

"Maybe some blackberry gelato or a nice scoop of chocolate," Vivi looked to Cam. He didn’t bother her much, he didn’t talk too much and when he did he was so calm and simple that Vivi kind of liked it, well tolerated it would be a better way of saying it.


Hmm… gelato. Cam had been intrigued by the interesting name the first time he had heard about it, and decided to try it out. It turned out a little sweeter than he imagined - too sweet. It was a popular order though, so there must be lots of people that liked it. Maybe he would try some different flavours when he had the time.

"I think I’ll get some milk tea," replied Cam. He had never been the biggest dessert fan. Well… it’s possible that he was at one point, but a childhood friend of his enjoyed baking a bit too much, and Cam always ended up as the guinea pig. In the end, Cam got sick of sweets.

"I might also get the soup of the day," continued Cam, as he realized that he was a little hungry. "Depending on what it is."




Ah… hello. I haven’t seen you around before… are you new here?

Anonymous sent: Can I have a kitten?

Of course! Is there a certain colour that you like? Oh… and do you want a boy or a girl kitten? …W-wait… how do you know that I keep kittens? I haven’t told anyone… I think…

Anonymous sent: Do you keep kittens under your hat, you sick freak?

I would never keep kittens under my hat! They might suffocate… or fall off my head and get hurt! That would be horrible… and… it’s not that freaky to like cats, is it?

Tee-Em-Eye Tuesday


Yeah it’s midnight. It’s also tuesday!



"Phish food…?" That didn’t sound appetizing at all. Whatever, as long as they had something blackberry flavored, the young girl would be satisified.

"You go to the cafe a lot?" his face didn’t register in Vivi’s memory but, then again, she only went in there for as long as it took for her to get her tea and then hightail it back to her dorm. It was also usually very late at night

Cam nodded at they stepped into the line-up. “I work here part-time. I mostly work weekends and evenings,” explained Cam. “They probably don’t want to overload the students, otherwise, nobody would want to work here…” 

The mention of work reminded Cam to take out his employee card. It would give him a discount of 10%, which wasn’t much, but was better than nothing.

"What are you thinking of buying?" asked Cam, looking at Vivi. 



The puppy was growing up strong and happy and it was getting bigger as the days go by. In a few months it would be hard to hide him and that was stressing off Cliff. With classes and taking several trips to a hidden place in the school grounds to feed the puppy, Cliff was on the edge of a breakdown but he always got happier when he saw that cute dog he had found~

But he still needed a name to the pup. He didn’t even think about that… 

He was now giving some food to the dog on the hidden place, completely unaware of his surroundings. He needed help and quick. Dark circles were under his eyes and he walked like a zombie these last days!

Lately, Cliff had been coming back to the room completely exhausted and Cam had no idea why. At first, he didn’t bother with it, after all, everyone was entitled to their secrets. But once Cliff started coming back with massive eye-bags, looking like he hadn’t eaten or slept properly for days, Cam became worried. 

Cam had been meaning to ask Cliff about what he was doing, but never seemed to get a chance. Horrible ideas came to his mind - perhaps Cliff was being tortured and blackmailed! Or was having his money stolen by mean seniors! 

It wasn’t like Cam would be able to fight off anyone dangerous. But still, he didn’t want his roommate to starve to death. After his classes ended, Cam grabbed an extra lunch from the cafeteria and decided to search for Cliff.

Cliff wasn’t in any obvious places, like the gym or the garden. Cam asked around the cafe and the library for any hidden places around the school and given a few locations. The first two had nothing, but when he reached the third, he found Cliff feeding a stray puppy. Cam let out a sigh of relief. If Cliff had been stressing out over a stray puppy, then Cam didn’t have much to worry about. Aside from his roommate’s lack of self-care. 

"It’s good that you’re taking care of that puppy," began Cam. "But you should probably eat something too." He held out the cafe lunch for Cliff. 



"Yeah, that is true," Skye had noticed the slow growth too. In fact, just the other day he had seen a few familiar faces like Candace and Celia. He had also been meeting a couple of new people, which was good, great even.

"Maybe people will be crashing into each other again,"

At the sound of Skye’s comment, Cam could picture students crashing into each other (literally) and starting fights in the middle of vital intersections of the school, causing everyone to take the long way around to get to their classes. 

"I hope it doesn’t get that bad…" admitted Cam, with a nervous smile. "Otherwise, I’d have to go back to eating in the gardens just to find a place to sit."

Cam unwrapped his sandwich and took a bite. Egg salad sandwiches were definitely the best, not even considering how well the school made them. He looked over at Skye, who was eating his curry. 

"Why don’t you make your own curry?" asked Cam. "It’s cheaper than buying it from the school, right?" 



The lesson began and he knew he had to concentrate on the teacher, but the brunette just couldn’t keep still. Hey, why spend the hour inside the classroom when you could easily go to the museums, watch a play, spend the class outside or something. Anything. After all lessons experienced first-hand were always better than reading someone’s novel, summarize the whole of it and have a quiz after. Well, most lessons were anyway. How do you live up germanium, phosphate and electronic configuration?

The class began to chatter even louder after the teacher left. Seriously, what were they talking about? He knew he had to know. Dirk decided to strike up a conversation with the student next to him. The boy did not respond until after a few seconds. “It’s all good man! I have those moments too.” He knew that feeling. The feeling of believe you were talked to but instead it was either someone beside  or behind you.

“Could you possibly be from.. Bluebell?” he dared to ask, familiar with the accent. “I’ve been there a few times.” he grins. Thinking of another subject, he opens his mouth to speak. “So Cam, how’s it been the past few days?  I mean.. school?”

At the sound of ‘Bluebell’, Cam’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. Most people didn’t know that it existed. Was it a lucky guess? 

"Yeah, I am," answered Cam with a nod. "How did you know?" He paused for a moment before continuing. "Have you seen me before?" Cam couldn’t recall ever meeting Dirk before… 

For a few seconds, Cam was silent. Was Dirk referring to the homework load when he asked about school, or the recent level of student activity? Cam decided to address both. 

"Well, I have a math test later this week, so I’ve spent the last few days studying. As far as the actual school goes… it’s gotten louder lately," answered Cam. "Well… it used to be really busy before, but then lots of people moved away. More people are around now though… I guess that’s a good thing."